Moto-Build Ltd is just as famous for its outstanding quality of trim we have
skilled trimmers with experience of over 40 years and our trim is second to
none. Our trimmers are more than qualified to produce replacement leather seat
covers in a range of colours. (Please ask for samples),

We can match the seat colours to the panel kit to the carpets to even the head
lining. We can also produce complete seats ready for installation on an exchange

Many colours available and some not for the faint hearted.

We have manufactured interior trim for all manor of vehicles, recently re-trimming a series

of Morris 8's, Austin 7's, Y-Types and Mercedes!

Many of these to original specification and some totally bespoke!.

Please contact us and ask for an estimates.


Over the years we have been using factory patterns and even have made a few improvements

to them along the way.

If you have a perfect fit Tonneau or Hood cover etc. bring it to us and we can expertly make an exact copy.
Or alternatively we can make a tailor fit it to your car!
There are different type's of materials which come in numerous colours.

Please contact us and ask for up-to-date sample